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EliteStarSkills Advanced Dynamic Hockey Training System – Rounder Pro

1st modular type hockey training device in the world! You can connect EliteStarSkills device together and design your own training drills!


Premium hockey accessory designed to improve your mental agility and hands & eyes coordination during hockey training. 


  • TRAIN LIKE A PRO – 1st All-In-One training equipment for stickhandling training, individual skill training as well as agility training. Hockey training made easier for you. Get to train with premium hockey accessories and become an expert. Our Rounder Pro is crafted with high standards of manufacturing to ensure that you are getting a product that delivers outstanding performance.


  • Built-in advanced Bluetooth wireless connection – Connects with other EliteStarSkills Devices


  • EXQUITE MOTION SENSORS – Features 4 high speed 360 motion sensors. The Rounder is very efficient and can easily sense any speedy-moving object within its proximity. It will quickly detect a hockey puck or balls near it.


  • HIGH INTENSITY LED LIGHT – Any time an project is detected by the motion sensors, our high intensity LED lights will be quick to light up. The light is easily visible from a distance of 15m. We guarantee you a seamless training experience.


  • SPECIAL FILTER LENS – Crafted with a special filter lens that diffuses any unexpected lights getting to the sensors. This feature helps avoid any false alarm and as a result, it enhance accuracy. You can rest assured that you are getting a highly efficient product.


  • Digital Score and Timer – Easily track your performance and score. Compete with your friends and teammates.


  • 5 Training Modes-Toe drag drills forehands and backhands, Quickfire, Variety of figure 8’s drills. 


  • Unique Circuit Training – Create a variety training pattern via expandable EliteStarSkills equipment series connection! Equipment is sold separately.


  • Agility Training – Sprint Run, Spider game
  • VERSATILE – The training system is used rechargeable battery. Flexible for you to practice in your basement, garage, bed room or on ice! This training system is great for beginners all the way to varsity players and beyond.


SKU: 9008