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EliteStarSkills Trainer (Elite Pro Version) -Stickhandling like a Pro! Become A Better Hockey Player with Quicker & Softer hands


  • HUGE TRAINING SURFACE -2.1m X 1m (7ft X 3ft) Adequate surface for two players training simultaneously. You may not be on-ice all day, but EliteStarSkills Trainer can deliver a similar experience to you.


  • HIGH INTENSITY DUAL COLOR CONTACTLESS SENSOR  – There are 11 unique dual color sensors can light up  anytime that sense a high speed puck. 


  • 8 STICKHANDLING TRAINING MODE – You can have quickhands training, unique attack & defend training as well as practice Patty Kane’s training on this training system.


  • 3 STICKHANDLING and SHOOTING MODE – This is the 1st training system incorporated with stickhandling and shooting training in ONE SYSTEM. A high quality and durable electronic goal detector counts your no. of goal.  Electronic Goal Detector is included.


  • DIGITAL SCORE AND TIMER - This training system is perfect for any player looking to develop their skills and score more goals. Quantify your result and develop softer hands with repetition.


  • VERSATILE – The training system can be power up by mobile power bank. Flexible for you to practice in your basement, garage, bed room or on ice! This training system is great for beginners all the way to varsity players and beyond.



SKU: 9001
  • EliteStarSkills Trainer board 2mX1m (unfolder size) 1pcs

    Electronic Goal Detector 1pcs

    Dual colors sensor 11pcs

    Rebounce bands 2pcs

    Friction free sprays 2pcs

    Rubberised sensor puck 1pcs

    High Speed sensor puck 1pcs

    Carrying bag 1pcs

    Battery cord 1pcs