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EliteStarSkills Warrants to the original purchaser (“the EliteStarSkills customer”) of the EliteStarSkills Product (“the EliteStarSkills product”), who purchased the product from a retailer, distributor, dealer, manufacturer’s representative, or other seller who has been authorized by EliteStarSkills (“Authorized EliteStarSkills Dealer”), that this EliteStarSkills product, including any of its original accessories and accessories purchased separately, is free of defects in material and workmanship, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.  This limited warranty covers parts and labor, except as set forth in this limited warranty.” 

Warranty Term:  The EliteStarSkills Dynamic Hockey Training System warranty is 60days. 

Please refer to Limited Warranty for any exceptions that void warranty terms described above.

Items damaged during shipping or missing 

You will have 10 days from delivery date to make claims for any missing or damaged items during shipping. After this period, missing or damage claims will be denied.  

Any warranty claims for EliteStarSkills products must be received in accordance with the above Warranty Terms and are subject to review by EliteStarSkills and/or Authorized EliteStarSkills Dealer prior to accepting claims.  EliteStarSkills will, at its option, repair or replace the EliteStarSkills product directly, or through Authorized EliteStarSkills Dealer where purchased. 

This limited warranty does not cover: 

Damage or defects caused by, or resulting from, repairs, service, conversion, or alterations to the EliteStarSkills product or any of its parts and accessories which have been performed by service centers or repair technicians not authorized by EliteStarSkills; damage or defects caused by negligence, improper installation, accident, abuse, misuse, power surges, floods, actual disasters, or force majeure; use in a commercial environment; or improper maintenance of the EliteStarSkills product or accessories. 

Ordinary wear and tear: 

EliteStarSkills product is intended for residential use only and not intended for commercial applications.  
Limited Warranty is void if product is used for any type of commercial use. 

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